Representative Online Assessment Management System

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About Roams

ROAMS is adapted to the custom content needs of each customer, but is essentially an “out-of-the-box” turnkey solution and training dashboard for users and managers that provides:

Learna works with customers to identify the needs and level of medical education testing required, before designing questions using the correct audience language, scientific or therapy depth matched to the level of users. Where required, we will write the supporting reference study materials as well. By modifying the depth or difficulty of existing StudyPRN questions, or custom writing new ones, ROAMS can help with training your teams.

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Areas to use ROAMS as a training tool

  • Sales and marketing
  • Medical and scientific liaison
  • Product and brand marketing
  • Communications
  • Business managers
  • Non-scientific support personnel
  • Community care staff
  • Customer service teams

Reasons to use ROAMS

  • Easy access with 24/7 online registration
  • Fully flexible, custom designed self-test multiple choice questions to fit the needs of users
  • Unlimited trainee numbers
  • Detailed activity monitoring and reporting for trainers and managers
  • Customised reporting
  • Supporting reference study materials offered

Flexible online training solution for your sales representatives

ROAMS is an ideal system for Pharmaceutical companies to further their sales representatives knowledge and understanding through an extensive library of existing StudyPRN CPD modules and the flexibility to create bespoke training modules.

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