Working in Partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Partnerships

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Working in Partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Learna LTD work in partnership with pharmaceutical organisations to create and promote medical education that adheres to the strict regulations of the industry. StudyPRN is a Learna LTD brand that has a range of CPD modules and SCE revision resources for healthcare professionals. With a user base of over 5000 healthcare professionals we are able to offer a unique avenue for gaining exposure.

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Why you should consider working with Learna Ltd

  • All content for the CPD module is written by one of our network of Key Opinion Leaders. We organise the creation of the module and ensure it is to the highest educational standards.
  • Working within the regulations, your company name will be present on the CPD module’s information page.
  • All mention of your brand will be sent through to you for approval before being made visible to our audience.
  • Demonstrate your support for HCP development.

How it works

  • Let us know you are interested in becoming a partner to StudyPRN.
  • Using an unrestricted educational grant we will create a CPD module to go on the StudyPRN website.
  • The CPD module is released free of charge to healthcare professionals


To sponsor the creation of a CPD module with StudyPRN please contact us on
+44 (0) 29 2068 2050

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